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“Though I am ever so thankful to be featured as a tributor to a variety of sites… I will make mention of a couple of them here that I’m excited about being a part of:

Featured hosting @

I’m also a noted graduate prospect of internship for Dradiator Radio.

You can find a couple of their releases @

And oh yeah…  get additional Audio Access to my works

More links are going to be released for you soonenough.   On behalf of those

I have worked with, am working with, &nd looking forward to working with…

thanks for tunin’ in & about.”



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Welcome to!

& welcome to a Wrecko access point.

From here, we’ll be able to provide you with some links and outlets of media that aren’t available of other locales or search points.

So again… welcome to

“Wrecko entertains… Wrecko Works …

Wrecko “entertwines” the energies of making it work together.

Saying that Wrecko dabbles in a lot only says a bit about the channeling of thoughts.

We have much to get to… so … we will continue even at this venue.”