Wreckreation — NASA’s Guilty Pleasure (Prelease)

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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artwork for Wreckreation prelease

Wreckreation — NASA’s Guilty Pleasure (Prelease)



[vibedeck artist=”wreckoentertainsworks” album=”123286″ width=”520″ height=”652″]

“If anything…I’ve been with music for a while now. That much you can take for granted.” –Wrecko … …. ..

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a problem downloading an audio file from this page, just re-click on the download option (you are not charged for an additional purchase when clicking the download button again due to connection type). …. ALSO: If you would like to corresond by postage… … … …please send to:

Dradio …ATTN: Wrecko

P.O. Box 5494

Columbus, GA 31906 .

If you would prefer to send your inquiries by postage, Please DO NOT use the Miami box, Please use:

Dradio ATTN: Wrecko

P.O. Box 5494 Columbus, GA 31906

** If a release is labeled as STREAM ONLY .. .. check later for DOWNLOAD options .. .. or email FrankGothosted@gmail.com for more info.”




  1. wrecko says:

    Great feedback from this one .. visit those vibedeck links to see Online Purchase option tangents (secure and verified options as well as ability to select additional mp3s to be scanned and e-mailed by Frank Gothosted)

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