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Please note that we’re stocking more products and relocating some of our stores.

This is great news, but sometimes grand opening and grand re-opening processes can become tedious… so we’re making sure that any delays will be rewarding.

Also: is currently being processed for updating … so until that it made for public access… i can show you this as one of the links found on Wrecko.US :  
      is one of the music-based stores that has different selections featured at different times.   You’re advised to check back for free download availability if the tax is currently hiked for your desired selection. 

Please also note that some of the unreleased/unsigned music will also be made available at:

With various Wrecko – oriented sites in progress (and some in construction and/or renovation) … some will have offers that the others do not.

So to see where changes are being made might also been that you stumble upon a deal or two.

We have much more new info. to relay to you, and this platform serves multi-generational purposes.


“Wrecko is currently working with various artists and producers on directionalized projects. You can contact  frankgothosted@gmail to find more info. specifications about certain projects or to find out more about some of the resources and services available to you.”

DNPM is a musicians’ production grouping based out of the Southern U.S. of America.

DNPM has organized with Dradio (FF) in order to work with some of its’ primary production artists.

One of these primary affiliates includes Wrecko, a Georgia native that has been noted for dedicative citings in the past, and is now noted for the advancement of the grouping’s production process.

“DNPM is progressing with and toward greativity.”