2 Releases Back to Back

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2 Releases Back to Back  :


What 7 — What Hiatus

MotionDigitaloutput_QQbVUl  What 7 -- What Hiatus  2at95fp

This is one of those completely energized bodies of music that seems to build upon a numerical series. The irony is also seen that such a numerically driven series is also heavily thriving with lyrical concepts and compositions .. more than food for thought .. .. work is essential .. what hiatus .. ..

Find more about Wrecko music on sites like jango, wordpress, iheartradio, microsoft, vimeo, tumblr, radioflote,pinterest, linkedin, and many more ..


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8te Tracks

MotionDigitaloutput_HfNVYD  8te Tracks  output7at89fp

Let’s say this is like gourmet food for thought with a bit of heat on it ..
Wrecko .. .. 8te [these] Tracks
This is beyond an “on-tray” .. .. this is so much more .. .. .. ..

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More from Wrecko can be found on jango, wordpress, microsoft, nimbit, iheartradio, radioflote, itunes, amazon, and many many more .. ..


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Name: Wrecko

Language: English/Spanish
Genre: World Hip-Hop , Instrumental , Rap , World
Topics: Politics, Religion, Love, Social/Human Behavior, Spiritual, Expressions of Art
Moods: Enthusiastically Intellectual




Wrecko is an American production artist born just minutes from the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. He is noted for providing continued musicianship and gaining expertise while developing industrial insight relative to entertainment, education, and the intertwining of such. Working with music industry service providers and other musicians/artists/producers has been what musical development is about. Linked and working both directly and indirectly with several DJs and producers, including DJ Cameralingo, DNPM; Wrecko is now furthering a direction and stance in industry that is sure to be noteworthy. Wrecko is currently working with various artists and producers on directionalized projects. Feel welcomed to find more info. specifications about certain projects or to find out more about some of the resources and services available to you.
Wrecko reminds of a wreck; reminds of taking hold of a stock of things to be modified and restored. Indeed, Wrecko is also noted for surviving a fatal car accident some years ago… and his healing process also involved time for recuperation of thought and the development of granted insight and direction.
This music is designed to promote thought and intrigue in one’s ability to see growth and development. Various topics are alluded to in such a manner that enthuses further discovery of the artistic and productive thought processes that are a part of the chemistry of song. Wrecko is often viewed as a tangent type of graffiti artist of industry. With a recording scenery as just a portion of his canvas, he depicts and delineates that the world is a canvas as well, and forms of art are often a matter of methodology.

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  1. wrecko says:

    DNPM Release AD dec. for Wrecko

  2. wrecko says:


    is for What 7 — What Hiatus .. gotta have that iTunes link for ya as well

  3. wrecko says:

    and that link for 8te Tracks is here :


    thanks again too

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