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[ Puzzle Muzic ]



“I know I am one of those musicians that enjoys the thinking processes often involved with music creation.
I’d like to think of my creative techniques as being similar to putting together.. or even developing .. .. puzzles.”
-‘Shad Wrecko

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“The lyrics .. yeah it’s kind of different right .. I mean there are many different types of puzzles that we know about,
and my lyrics are formed in such a way that it often reminds me of a puzzle within the music.

I make it an objective to focus on lyrical importance even when I choose to be selective with the language that I use sometimes.  I’m okay with my lyrics being
noted for this .. It’s like a habit that keeps me alert in a more healthy way .. A way that even inspires me to keep going.”
-‘Shad Wrecko

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Puzzle Muzic is a sort of genre-defining and genre-specific project. We are taking a glance at a production artist in the process of progress.


more links provided upon further release

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