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Digital 8-Track Release : Holla Daze

[    THIS JUST IN …  Wrecko has brought a version of his new release in the format of
a Digital 8-Track Release, and his team decided that they would also like to see that
their releases have an option available for Digital 8-Track Release.

This new release is properly subtitled Holla Daze, and will be available for the recent
Holiday seasons.
Wrecko has been able to record many tracks while working with FrankG, DNPM, dgk, and others…
while also being able to make sure that these 8 of this selection be a sampling of his other projected
works like  Wreckreation: NASA’s Guilty Pleasure, Sir-Reality, and other TINC, T.I.N.C. projections that
involve various series.
This one actually includes some DNPM productions as well as some other samplings &/of productions from more familiar features
like  Young Chop, Drumma Drama, The Runners, DJ Paul & Juicy J, and more.
“Wrecko Entertains and he works to get it…”
So please enjoy one of these recent track releases from an artist that is slated to see and tribute to more grandeur
movements and affiliations.  ]

If you would prefer to send your inquiries by postage, Please DO NOT use the Miami box, Please use:

Dradio ATTN: Wrecko

P.O. Box 5494 Columbus, GA 31906

** If a release is labeled as STREAM ONLY .. .. check later for DOWNLOAD options .. .. or email for more info.”



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