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[ Puzzle Muzic ]



“I know I am one of those musicians that enjoys the thinking processes often involved with music creation.
I’d like to think of my creative techniques as being similar to putting together.. or even developing .. .. puzzles.”
-‘Shad Wrecko

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“The lyrics .. yeah it’s kind of different right .. I mean there are many different types of puzzles that we know about,
and my lyrics are formed in such a way that it often reminds me of a puzzle within the music.

I make it an objective to focus on lyrical importance even when I choose to be selective with the language that I use sometimes.  I’m okay with my lyrics being
noted for this .. It’s like a habit that keeps me alert in a more healthy way .. A way that even inspires me to keep going.”
-‘Shad Wrecko

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Puzzle Muzic is a sort of genre-defining and genre-specific project. We are taking a glance at a production artist in the process of progress.


more links provided upon further release

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{ Slightly Incomparable Preview }

This one is incomparable ..  slightly 

Thought-provoking ..  indeed 

This is the Slightly Incomparable Preview  ..

SIP  .. if you will  ..

as with something too cold .. or   too  hot ..

or potent ..

Notice:  2 Versions made available ..

Preview   Mix

– DNPM , Wrecko   ..


more links provided upon further release


‘Slightly Incomparable’ Preview



 Check out ‘Slightly Incomparable’ Preview at Wrecko’s store!

‘Slightly Incomparable’ Preview

.. ..

Here is that
‘Slightly Incomparable’ Preview
..Official Full Version is even more .. ‘Slightly Incomparable’

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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‘Slightly Incomparable’ Preview
Official Version is even more .. ‘Slightly Incomparable’
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– –
This is like the punctuation of a series of works. That numerical
series that we’re speaking of began with 123 (literally), and its most
recent releases include What 7 — What Hiatus and 8te Tracks .
This project right here is the statement’s punctuation ..

WTF — When Truth Finishes

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Name: Wrecko

Language: English/Spanish
Genre: World Hip-Hop , Instrumental , Rap , World
Topics: Politics, Religion, Love, Social/Human Behavior, Spiritual,
                 Expressions of Art
Moods: Enthusiastically Intellectual
– –

** Listeners can expect:
“Listeners can expect to hear lyrical compositions that sort of
call for more listens to get more from what you hear. Expect to hear
some great energy in much of my music, and I tend to combine that with
lyrics that branch out so that it creates a way for the listener to
hear almost interactively. It kind of reminds me of an audio
Rorschach (you know.. those abstract painting blots that require the
viewer to state their interpretation of what they see).”

** From youth to uncouth to .. ..

“I’ve been able to be in the presence of some inspiring musician
settings (even as a child), and the direction and focus that I
witnessed was leading to opportunities to develop my own sense of
platforms and recording canvases. ”
** Quote me here again:
“I want to help make sure that we don’t forget the importance
of music and the brain benefits that are attainable by way of
channeling music energy. I want to be able to help other musicians to
expand and build upon there gifts and be able to use that to inspire
others to achieve their career and life goals.”

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Wrecko is an American production artist born just minutes from the
Chattahoochee River in Georgia. He is noted for providing continued
musicianship and gaining expertise while developing industrial insight
relative to entertainment, education, and the intertwining of such.
Working with music industry service providers and other
musicians/artists/producers has been what musical development is about.
Linked and working both directly and indirectly with several DJs and
producers, including DJ Cameralingo, DNPM; Wrecko is now furthering a
direction and stance in industry that is sure to be noteworthy. Wrecko
is currently working with various artists and producers on
directionalized projects. Feel welcomed to find more info.
specifications about certain projects or to find out more about some of
the resources and services available to you.


Wrecko reminds of a wreck; reminds of taking hold of a stock of things
to be modified and restored. Indeed, Wrecko is also noted for surviving
a fatal car accident some years ago… and his healing process also
involved time for recuperation of thought and the development of
granted insight and direction.
This music is designed to promote thought and intrigue in one’s ability
to see growth and development. Various topics are alluded to in such a
manner that enthuses further discovery of the artistic and productive
thought processes that are a part of the chemistry of song. Wrecko is
often viewed as a tangent type of graffiti artist of industry. With a
recording scenery as just a portion of his canvas, he depicts and
delineates that the world is a canvas as well, and forms of art are
often a matter of methodology.

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“In a home of the brave where we fly like birds .. We can encourage
with more than just words .. ”
– Wrecko

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More from Wrecko can be found on jango, wordpress, microsoft, nimbit,
iheartradio, coast2coast, radioflote, itunes, amazon, vimeo, tumblr,
pinterest, Google Play, Tidal, and many many more .. ..


Here’s That Track List For WTF — When Truth Finishes



Track List
Track Flip
Print A Template
Tooled Up
Urban Sprawlin
Who Tryna Stop That
About That
Feel Like They Tellin Me
New Found
Quotient (How Many Times)
If You Can
– –

Here is just one of the links to the project too :



Digital 8-Track Release : Holla Daze

[    THIS JUST IN …  Wrecko has brought a version of his new release in the format of
a Digital 8-Track Release, and his team decided that they would also like to see that
their releases have an option available for Digital 8-Track Release.

This new release is properly subtitled Holla Daze, and will be available for the recent
Holiday seasons.
Wrecko has been able to record many tracks while working with FrankG, DNPM, dgk, and others…
while also being able to make sure that these 8 of this selection be a sampling of his other projected
works like  Wreckreation: NASA’s Guilty Pleasure, Sir-Reality, and other TINC, T.I.N.C. projections that
involve various series.
This one actually includes some DNPM productions as well as some other samplings &/of productions from more familiar features
like  Young Chop, Drumma Drama, The Runners, DJ Paul & Juicy J, and more.
“Wrecko Entertains and he works to get it…”
So please enjoy one of these recent track releases from an artist that is slated to see and tribute to more grandeur
movements and affiliations.  ]

If you would prefer to send your inquiries by postage, Please DO NOT use the Miami box, Please use:

Dradio ATTN: Wrecko

P.O. Box 5494 Columbus, GA 31906

** If a release is labeled as STREAM ONLY .. .. check later for DOWNLOAD options .. .. or email for more info.”


Remember remember

somethings great on the way


know that



Remember remember



An excerpt?  Sure enough and soonenough.

Got one right here for ya.

[from:       Notes of Another Music Lover   ]

  *As an MC (Mix Chopper),
        I realize an obligation of definition & clarity.

  *As an MC (Musical Catalyst),
        I acknowledge a muse of contemplation.

  *As a DJ (Daring Jargonist),
        I see an importance of the clusion & inclusion of terms.

    * As an author,
                  I ought to
          allude to future & prior works.
      * As a producer,
                          I recognize what works.

– a Specialize In Commentaries Kid publication

more  Specialize In Commentaries Kid  publications are gaining clearances as of now

{Also posted here as a linkage for Instrumental Factor}

{Stay tuned for more from Notes of Another Music Lover   &   Histories and Heritages }